Mind Abuse: Media Violence and Its Threat to Democracy (Hardcover)

Mind Abuse: Media Violence and Its Threat to Democracy By Rose Dyson, Rose A. Dyson Cover Image

Mind Abuse: Media Violence and Its Threat to Democracy (Hardcover)


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Although rogue elements on the internet have spawned concerns about foreign interference in elections, invasion of privacy, and the impact of hate speech, most people are still in denial about the harmful effects of media violence as entertainment. This new edition of Mind Abuse covers developments in the last twenty years, showing how the problem has grown with each new technological innovation and how relentless marketing victimizes countless young people around the world while the entertainment industry rakes in billions. Rose A. Dyson offers a wake-up call to parents, teachers, health professionals, and policy makers who deal with the aftermath of first-person shooter video gaming and social media abuses, such as cyberbullying, that encourage errant behavior from an early age. She shows that recent trends toward increased violence in popular culture are symptomatic of deeper social, economic, and ecological problems that require an urgent shift away from the status quo toward a more sustainable model for peaceful co-existence. 
For over 30 years, Dyson has contributed to the debate over media violence. Here, she urges us to resist the corporate giants of the entertainment industries and reclaim the right to shape our own value systems and dreams. Blind consumption of media violence as entertainment, she argues, is not inconsistent with vital policies for a greener, healthier future.
Rose A. Dyson is a media education consultant, scholar, writer, journal editor, public speaker, and activist living in Toronto.
Product Details ISBN: 9781551647333
ISBN-10: 1551647338
Publisher: Black Rose Books
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
Pages: 180
"Mind Abuse blows the whistle on an industry that [Dyson] claims is profiting from a public crisis in mental health. There is a lot of money to be made in media, and graphic violence, so why should we take on trust reassurances that media violence doesn’t do us any harm?"
— New Scientist

“With this book, Dr. Rose Dyson has provided us with a brilliant, uniquely original, and essential resource, exposing and examining aspects of media violence with a clear, clarion call for action. . . I deeply respect her perspective.”
— Dave Grossman, retired U.S. Army Colonel and author of Assassination Generation

“Most discussions of our violent popular culture are cut off, before they properly begin, by a mindless, discussion-ending cry of ‘Censorship! Censorship!’. . . Dyson hopes to draw audiences past the usual argumentative impasse and into a more in-depth discussion of how to confront a toxic culture.”
— The Toronto Star