The Other Side of Life: Epilepsy and the Unknown Truth. (Paperback)

The Other Side of Life: Epilepsy and the Unknown Truth. By Ambanibe Jerome Akeneck Cover Image

The Other Side of Life: Epilepsy and the Unknown Truth. (Paperback)


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Ambanibe Jerome Akeneck was born in Teze Ngie Momo Division North West Region Cameroon some 40 years ago. He holds a Diploma in physical Therapy Assistant, an Advanced Diploma in Mental health Management (Trans Atlantic College UK) Certificate, Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Clinical Research (National Institutes of health clinical Center NIH USA) is a Clinical Research Associate (CRA-Monitoring with GCP Practical Experience.) Clinical Research Institute Texas, and a Nurse Researcher with over 18 years of clinical Research and Clinical Trial Experience in the areas of Community and Clinical Epilepsy Management, HIV aids drug trails, and basic methods of managing epilepsy in the Communities of the North West Region of Cameroon. Haven managed over 1500 persons living with epilepsy with anti epilepsy drugs AED for 18 years running and carried out surveys on the above disorder, he brings out some salient facts about the beliefs, concepts and traditions some people in the North West Regions have about Epilepsy in a Drama form to let the World know and the entire Scientific Community that many of the young people (18-24 average age) are suffering in the dark of epilepsy and are not given the attention that other children in the World are having. Founder of Association of Orphans and the Disabled (ASODI Cameroon) a non Governmental organisation that works with persons living with Epilepsy in Cameroon.
With one international publication (Epilepsy and Cysticercosis in North West Cameroon) published on Seizure European journal on Epilepsia: Tittle Elliott et al 2013, and the second publication on My Role as a Clinical Research Nurse published on the Global Research Network for Nurses 2015.
The intention of this piece of work is to draw the attention of the World to come to the aid of the young people suffering from Epilepsy in North West Cameroon in particular, and in other parts of Cameroon in General.
He is married to Alice Egweiba Anjiintuo.
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Christ Jesus who gives me strength. Phillipian 4:13

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