Access Behind the Veil: The Coming Glory (Paperback)

Access Behind the Veil: The Coming Glory By Michael Petro, The Voice of Healing 2nd Ed Cover Image

Access Behind the Veil: The Coming Glory (Paperback)


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Many in the Church are waiting with expectation for the second coming of Christ. The parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22 tells us that the Church, the Bride, was invited to the wedding but didn't come. In 2 Thessalonians, Paul warns that the second coming would be preceded by a "great falling away" and Matthew 24 says that if these days were not cut short then even the elect could be deceived. With thousands of Christian denominations preaching a different gospel, let us examine Scripture from the earliest perspective, which is that of the Early Church.

The Early Church Fathers were the spiritual sons of the apostles, who learned directly from Jesus. They tell us what the end would be like and unlock the deeper meanings of Scripture. While many today are waiting to be "raptured," these apostolic men believed that the glory of God would first manifest in His Church. The apocalypse, often misunderstood to mean the end of the world, is simply two Greek words put together: apo (to destroy) and kalypto (the veil). The Book of Revelation is about destroying the veil to enter back into the glory of God. These revelatory teachings were passed down and preserved for hundreds of years, yet for the most part the opposite is being taught in the body of Christ today.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 17 that "Elijah is coming and will restore all things." This Elijah spirit is upon us now to make the way straight through revelatory teaching of Scripture and to bring the fear of the Lord back to wake up the sleeping Church while there's still time. The Early Church taught that without Elijah preparing and sealing the Church not one would be saved. At the same time, under the leadership of the Catholic Church, a second sealing is taking place, with all major Christian denominations coming into covenant with Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, saying there are many ways to God. The great apostasy is here, but nothing will stop this final move of God. The world will see a full restoration of His glory on Earth as it is in heaven. Through revelation, or an apocalypse, let us step behind the veil to have full access to the glory of God and His redemptive plan for us as His children.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14).

About the author: Apostle Michael Petro has been in ministry for more than 25 years, traveling to 70 nations to preach the revelation of the Word. While in Bible college he started to realize there was something missing in the modern-day church. This prompted him to seek a more intimate relationship with God through an intense time of prayer and fasting. His hunger and desperation for God led him into a life changing visitation from the Lord, where the Lord took him behind the veil to reveal the deeper meanings hidden in the Scripture. Through his ministry, The Voice of Healing, many are seeking to push past old-time religion and come into a face-to-face relationship with Jesus through the revelation of the Word. Apostle Michael's heart is to see the Church, the Bride, come into oneness with her savior as we step into this final move of God.

Keywords: Revelation, Secrets, Kingdom, Mysteries, Christian, Jesus, God, Early Church, Temple Theology, Hebrew

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