Forgiven: Scriptures On Forgiveness And Proven Second Chances (Paperback)

Forgiven: Scriptures On Forgiveness And Proven Second Chances By Chris Adkins Cover Image

Forgiven: Scriptures On Forgiveness And Proven Second Chances (Paperback)


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Forgiven: Scriptures On Forgiveness And Proven Second Chances

Healing bible scriptures on forgiveness that allow you to experience freedom from guilt and shame

This book provides a list of scriptures about forgiveness and the love that God has for all humankind. He assures us, that we all deserve second chances and that we too can forgive others, for hurts they may have caused us. Forgiveness doesn't mean that what someone did was right or ok, but by forgiving others, it frees our emotions so we can go on living a happy life.

God said, 'I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart' in Acts 13:22. David had an affair with the wife of the man he later murdered, and doubted God on many occasions. Even with David's life experiences, challenges and disappointments, he knew he could always call on Almighty God no matter what All through the Psalms you can hear and feel David pour out his heart and emotions. He would go from 'Oh God just kill me' to 'I am invincible because God Almighty is The Lord my God'.

From kings to servants, all through scripture we see the mistakes they all made. Just like us. We all make mistakes; some may be bigger than others, to the point of negatively affecting and hurting others or even ourselves. In Matthew 18:22, Jesus tells Peter, to forgive a person seventy times seven, if need be. We see here, Jesus is willing to forgive us over and over. This includes forgiving ourselves, which sometimes is the hardest. Forgiving and releasing others and ourselves of guilt is a beautiful and liberating feeling to say the least

In Ephesians 1, the Apostle Paul with revelation from God, reveals how God thinks toward us, as His adopted sons and daughters that are holy. He says in the scriptures, that He cares for us affectionally. He says, He would never leave or forsake us, or give up on us, NEVER He is with us no matter where we go or where we are. He says, His love is so deep for us, we can never go too high or too low to escape His love. Read through these scriptures with this confidence in mind. This book contains real, life-giving scriptures

Live forgiven Live guilt free Live knowing how much God loves you Enjoy your gift of life

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn

  • Discover scriptures about forgiveness
  • Finding forgiveness and reconciliation with God
  • Finding forgiveness in Jesus
  • Experience forgiveness of sins
  • You can forgive yourself
  • Forgiveness is a choice
  • Ask forgiveness in prayer
  • Find forgiveness and hope
  • Forgiving the unforgivable
  • Forgiving those who have hurt you
  • Forgiving the past and letting it go
And Much, Much More

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Inventor and Author, Formal Education - Psychology Specializing in helping individuals experience joy, wholeness and healing, peace of mind, and comfort for the spirit, soul, and body. With past health challenges and questions, this began her quest to find answers. Her journey has led to an exhaustive study of bible scripture and self-help, seeking the 'genuine truth' and not just opinions or suggestions disguised as truth. She had found that the scripture is the inspired word of God, which led her to the scripture 'I am the way and the truth and the life' (John 14:6). She enjoys a tranquil peace now, and knows where to seek to maintain her comfort, health and peace of mind. The Author's Mission: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. - Dr. Maya Angelou
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