List Of I AM Affirmations (Paperback)

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List Of I AM Affirmations (Paperback)


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List Of I Am Affirmations

Daily life affirmations and meditations to inspire you Your identity in Christ What rightfully belongs to you

This book has been compiled with daily affirmations to help you achieve your God given; optimal health and wealth, to enjoy passionate and fulfilling love and peace, and to soar with self confidence and success. By meditating and reciting these affirmations daily, you begin to tap into the unlimited power that lies within your Spirit person. The very life of God that animates us is in every single one of the trillions of cells within us. Every second of our lives this power is available to us. This power, our power, begins to surface and take charge leading us consciously and subconsciously into our 'created in the image of God identity'. Now you will begin to consciously and subconsciously work towards achieving your goals. You will feel the confidence that comes with the new unharnessed power that you are now aware of.

Science has proven that our mind and body responds to our own voice, over any other persons voice. The power of these affirmations for healing, can transform your health and energy. Use these affirmations daily, by personalizing them for your heart, lungs, other internal organs and body parts. This releases and affirms the inner self-healing that has been gifted to all humankind and resides in our inner Spirit person. Consider using these affirmations daily and personalize them by adding your name, family names, and even the name of your business to the affirmations. USE your power, USE your voice, and CREATE your environment

Go to the next level by keeping these affirmations on your mind. This will supercharge your voice and your confidence level. Think and meditate daily on your new affirmations to alleviate worry, anxiety, fear, or just getting down over the past. As a person thinks in his heart, so he becomes. Out of the abundance of the heart or spirit a person speaks. If a person is always talking about being afraid they are very unlikely to step up and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Write your goals down on paper and they will come to pass. By doing this, you will begin to affirm your unlimited power consciously and subconsciously working towards and making decisions to fulfill your hearts desires. Make short, mid and long term goals. If they are not written down, what will you have to work towards accomplishing? Adjust you goals as you begin to grow in grace and knowledge. They are your goals

Be proud of who you are Your life is your gift Enjoy the journey

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Inventor and Author, Formal Education - Psychology Specializing in helping individuals experience joy, wholeness and healing, peace of mind, and comfort for the spirit, soul, and body. With past health challenges and questions, this began her quest to find answers. Her journey has led to an exhaustive study of bible scripture and self-help, seeking the 'genuine truth' and not just opinions or suggestions disguised as truth. She had found that the scripture is the inspired word of God, which led her to the scripture 'I am the way and the truth and the life' (John 14:6). She enjoys a tranquil peace now, and knows where to seek to maintain her comfort, health and peace of mind. The Author's Mission: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. - Dr. Maya Angelou
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Publication Date: September 11th, 2014
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