Applications of Mathematics and Informatics in Military Science (Springer Optimization and Its Applications #71) (Paperback)

Foreword.- Preface.- Table of Contents.- 1. The Significance of Research and Development for the National Defence and its Relation with the Military University Institutions (N. Uzunoglu).- 2. Selected Topics in Critical Element Detection (J.L. Walteros, P.M. Pardalos).- 3. Study of Engagement with Mobile Targets (S. Tassopoulos).- 4. Solving an Electromagnetic Scattering Problem in Chiral Media (C. Athanasiadis, S. Dimitroula, K. Skourogiannis).- 5. Orthonormality in Interpolation Schemes for Reconstructing Signals (N.J. Daras).- 6. Computer Graphics Techniques in Military Applications (D. Christou, A. Danelakis, M. Mitrouli, D. Triantafyllou).- 7. Numerical Optimization for the Length Problem (C. Kravvaritis, M. Mitrouli).- 8. Adaptive Policies for Sequential Sampling under Incomplete Information and a Cost Constraint (A. Burnetas, O. Kanavetas).- 9. On a Lanchester Combat Model (G. Kaimakamis, N. B. Zographopoulos.- 10. Land Warfare and Complexity (S. Dionysios).- 11. Wavelet Transform in remote sensing with Implementation in edge detection and noise reduction (P. N. Michalis).- 12. Optimal Orbital Coverage of Theater Operations and Targets (V. Oikonomou).- 13. A Birdʼs-Eye View of Modern Symmetric Cryptography from Combinatorial Designs (C. Koukouvinos, D.E. Simos).- 14. On the Weak Convergence of an Empirical Estimator of the Discrete-Time Semi-Markov Kernel (S. Georgiadis, N. Limnios).- 15. Analysis methods for unreplicated factorial experiments (P. Angelopoulos, C. Koukouvinos, A. Skountzou).
Product Details ISBN: 9781489994080
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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: September 19th, 2014
Pages: 248
Language: English
Series: Springer Optimization and Its Applications