Bottoms Up: Queer Mexicanness and Latinx Performance (Sexual Cultures) (Hardcover)

Bottoms Up: Queer Mexicanness and Latinx Performance (Sexual Cultures) By Xiomara Verenice Cervantes-Gomez Cover Image

Bottoms Up: Queer Mexicanness and Latinx Performance (Sexual Cultures) (Hardcover)


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Proposes a queer way to be in the world and with others

Invoking queer aesthetics, ethics, and politics, Bottoms Up explores a sexual way to be with others while living with loss. Xiomara Cervantes-G mez demonstrates how aesthetic representations of sex--namely, bottoming--function as allegorical paradigms, revealing the assemblages of violence that have constituted the social, cultural, and political shifts of Mexico and US Latinx culture from 1950 to the present.

With playful, theoretically nuanced prose, Cervantes-G mez builds upon queer of color theory and continental philosophy to present the "bottom" as a form of relational performance, which she terms "pasivo ethics." The argument develops through a series of compelling case studies, including a series of novels by Octavio Paz and Luis Zapata that trace the position of the bottom in Mexican nationalist literature; the forms of exposure, risk, and proximity in the performance work of artist Lechedevirgen Trimegisto; a reading of violence and the erotic in the work of artist Bruno Ramri; and reading artists such as Yosimar Reyes, Yanina Orellana, and Carlos Martiel as they build a framework of sexual inheritance that carries the traumas of Mexicanness into the diaspora.

Through a broad archive rooted in hemispheric Latinx performance, Bottoms Up considers how sexual and political power are bound up with each other in the shaping of Mexicanness. Placing particular emphasis on questions of queer and trans Mexican embodiment, the book explains how Mexicanness is constituted through discourses of exposure.
Product Details ISBN: 9781479829118
ISBN-10: 1479829110
Publisher: New York University Press
Publication Date: August 13th, 2024
Pages: 264
Language: English
Series: Sexual Cultures