US Destroyers vs German U-Boats: The Atlantic 1941–45 (Duel #127) (Paperback)

US Destroyers vs German U-Boats: The Atlantic 1941–45 (Duel #127) By Mark Lardas, Ian Palmer (Illustrator) Cover Image

US Destroyers vs German U-Boats: The Atlantic 1941–45 (Duel #127) (Paperback)

By Mark Lardas, Ian Palmer (Illustrator)

An absorbing study of the duels fought between the US Navy's escort warships and Hitler's U-boats between December 1941 and May 1945.

Although the Battle of the Atlantic lasted several years, its most critical phase began once the United States entered World War II. By December 1941, the British had mastered the U-boat threat in the Eastern Atlantic, only to see the front abruptly expand to regions the US Navy would patrol, chiefly the Atlantic Seaboard. Unless the US Navy overcame the U-boat threat, the Allies would struggle to win.

The Battle of the Atlantic was made up of thousands of individual duels: aircraft against U-boats, aircraft against aircraft, aircraft against ships-but most crucially, ships against U-boats. The individual clashes between Germany's U-boats and the Allied warships escorting the vital convoys often comprised one-on-one actions. These stories provide the focus of this detailed work. The technical details of the U-boats, destroyers, and destroyer escorts involved are explored in stunning illustrations, including ship and submarine profiles and weaponry artworks, and key clashes are brought to life in dramatic battlescenes. Among the clashes covered are including USS Kearny vs. U-568, USS Roper (DD-147) vs U-85, USS Eugene E. Elmore (DE-686) vs U-549, and USS Atherton (DE-169) vs U-853.

Mark Lardas, educated as a naval architect, worked for over 30 years as an engineer, space navigator, and technical writer in the space, aviation, and energy industries. He has an abiding interest in aerospace, maritime, naval, and military history, with an emphasis on ship construction and engineering from the 9th to the 21st centuries. Mark is the author of over three dozen published books on these subjects.
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