A History of the Middle Ages: World Events from 400 CE to 1500 CE (Hardcover)

A History of the Middle Ages: World Events from 400 CE to 1500 CE By Phyllis Jestice Cover Image

A History of the Middle Ages: World Events from 400 CE to 1500 CE (Hardcover)


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A fascinating account of one of the most important eras in history spanning the breadth of the globe and illustrated throughout with brilliant full-colour illustrations.

A History of the Middle Ages
follows the history of the world through the turbulent times after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 to the year 1492, when contact between Europe and the Americas reshaped world history.

This book examines the rise of Christianity; the astounding advances in the sciences and the arts in the Islamic world; how economic powerhouses developed in Africa and powerful states arose in the Americas; how trade flourished throughout central Asia and China in the form of the Silk Roads, the terrifying depredations of the Mongol invasions, and the crusades and other conflicts of Europe that marked a so-called era of 'chivalry'.

This narrative brings to life the personalities, the technologies, the politics and the culture that defined a crucial era in the development of the world we know today.
Phyllis G. Jestice is Professor of Medieval History and Chair of the Department of History at the College of Charleston, South Carolina. She is currently the president of the Southeastern Medieval Association and has received several awards for her teaching and academic work. Phyllis has written and taught about subjects ranging from the Vikings to medieval Germany to the Crusades. Some of her recent works include The Medieval Knight (2018), The Imperial Ladies of the Ottonian Dynasty (2018) and The Pharaohs (2023).
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