Enemy of My Dreams (Hardcover)

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Enemy of My Dreams (Hardcover)


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In the last days of the Roman Empire a desperate princess and brutal Goth warlord forge a dangerous alliance.

Julia, only daughter of the emperor of Rome, lives a life of excess and freedom. Wine, philosophy and scandal--she revels in hedonism. But when her father dies and her teenage brother takes the throne, he will stop at nothing to seize control of both the empire and his wayward sister. And now Alaric of the Visigoths, a ferocious warrior who has battled Rome for years, has come to the capital to bargain for his homeland.

When Julia rebels against the marriage her brother has ordered her to accept, he responds by publicly punishing her lover in the Colosseum. Realizing how perilous her position is, Julia impulsively turns to Alaric--the empire's sworn enemy, and the one man who can make Rome tremble--and engineers her own kidnapping. Julia, the Roman princess, forges an uneasy alliance with Alaric, the brutal warrior king, in an edgy, sexy cat-and-mouse game of attraction, defiance and lust.

"Enemy of My Dreams is a romantic romp through the ashes of a dying empire."
--Luna McNamara, author of Psyche and Eros

Product Details ISBN: 9781335080516
ISBN-10: 1335080511
Publisher: Canary Street Press
Publication Date: February 4th, 2025
Pages: 336
Language: English