THOR EPIC COLLECTION: IN MORTAL FLESH [NEW PRINTING] By Randall Frenz, Marvel Various, RICH YANIZESKY (Illustrator), Marvel Various (Illustrator), Ron Frenz (Cover design or artwork by) Cover Image


By Randall Frenz, Marvel Various, RICH YANIZESKY (Illustrator), Marvel Various (Illustrator), Ron Frenz (Cover design or artwork by)


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To spare a life, Thor makes the ultimate sacrifice! With the fate of his friend Eric Masterson in the balance, Thor steps in - and finds himself once again bonded to a mortal form! But which deadly foe will bring about such dire straits? Could it be Quicksand? The maniacal Mongoose? A new Executioner? Or as an untethered Asgard drifts into the Negative Zone, Annihilus? As a new era begins for Thor, another legendary hero returns: Zounds, it's Hercules! It will take the combined might of these godly friends, plus She-Hulk, to face not one but two Dooms! In another heavyweight bout, Thor takes on the Juggernaut - with the New Warriors lending a hand! Plus: The High Evolutionary! Doctor Strange! The Thing! Beta Ray Bill! Tales of Asgard! And Ulik joins the Wrecking Crew! Collecting THOR (1966) #401-418 and ANNUAL #14.
Tom DeFalco’s earliest comic-book scripts were for Archie and DC; he soon moved to Marvel, where he wrote Avengers, Machine Man and other titles, also launching Dazzler, a hit series of the early ’80s. In addition to writing long and well-received runs on Amazing Spider-Man and Thor, DeFalco edited many titles, eventually becoming editor in chief. During the 1980s, he headed the creative team that provided fictional biographies for G.I. Joe members, originally included with Hasbro’s toys and later used as the basis for multiple storylines on the animated series. Perhaps his best-known work is multi-title character Spider-Girl, whom he introduced in 1998. DeFalco has authored multiple books, including Ultimate Guides for Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk and Spider-Man.

Roy Thomas joined the Marvel Bullpen as a writer and editor under Stan Lee, scripting key runs of nearly every title of the time: Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Sub-Mariner, Thor, X-Men and more. He wrote the first 10 years of Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian and Savage Sword of Conan; and launched such series as Defenders, Iron Fist, Invaders and Warlock. At DC, he developed All-Star Squadron, Infinity Inc. and related titles, proving instrumental in reviving the Golden Age Justice Society of America. Thomas later became editor of Alter Ego, a magazine devoted to comic-book history, and co-scripted the sword-and-sorcery films Fire and Ice and Conan the Destroyer.

Mike Mignola started out as an inker on Daredevil and Power Man & Iron Fist, moving into penciling on Alpha Flight and Incredible Hulk. At DC, he illustrated Cosmic Odyssey, based on Jack Kirby’s famed Fourth World creations, and the one-shot Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, whose success initiated DC’s Elseworlds concept. In 1994, he created Hellboy, launching a franchise of titles, both live-action and animated films, and other merchandise. In other media, Mignola designed characters and locations for the TV series Batman Beyond and worked as concept artist for the Marvel film Blade II.

After establishing himself on Eternity’s Ex-Mutants and First’s Badger, Ron Lim went cosmic with a six-year penciling run on Silver Surfer, followed by a collaboration with Jim Starlin on the Warlock/Thanos Infinity multi-miniseries saga. With writer Tom DeFalco, he helped create the look and characters of the MC2 universe, while he explored a different Marvel future during a 35-issue run on X-Men 2099. Lim’s other Marvel credits include Captain America, Spider-Man Unlimited and Venom: Lethal Protector.

Beginning as Stan Lee’s production assistant, Herb Trimpe (1939-2015) went on to pencil a seven-year run on Marvel mainstay Incredible Hulk — during which he debuted the future X-Man, Wolverine — as well as 1970s classics Marvel Team-Up, Shogun Warriors and Godzilla. He was equally prolific during the 1980s on Nick Fury, The ’Nam and G.I. Joe; the 1990s saw him illustrate Marvel’s First Family on Fantastic Four Unlimited. Trimpe’s war-story credits also include the introduction of the Phantom Eagle, the WWI aviator hero whose adventures were later chronicled by Garth Ennis.
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