Bringing Common Factors to Life in Couple and Family Therapy (Paperback)

Bringing Common Factors to Life in Couple and Family Therapy By Eli A. Karam, Adrian J. Blow Cover Image

Bringing Common Factors to Life in Couple and Family Therapy (Paperback)


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With the aim of renewing motivation, energy, and creativity in a therapists clinical work, this book explores how common factors may be utilized to increase effectiveness in couple and family therapy.

Practicing a specific approach or model for couple and family therapy may fulfill many initial therapist needs, but over time it is developmentally normal for your enthusiasm to wane for a specific way of practicing this therapy. This book therefore provides a common factors framework which may help alleviate feelings of "staleness" and reinvigorate your practice. Different from previous theoretical texts about common factors, this practical book will help you construct a personalized plan that will allow you to take charge of your therapeutic development. The authors present helpful strategies and exercises to build on your previously existing therapeutic skill set, stoke curiosity for the work, counter against burnout and frustration and, most importantly, achieve consistently better outcomes for your clients.

This new resource is an essential read for seasoned couple and family therapists who want to improve their clinical skills and personal effectiveness, as well as students and professionals just starting their journey into this type of clinical work.

Eli A. Karam PhD, LMFT is a systemic therapist, trainer, applied researcher and educator at the University of Louisville, where he is a professorAdrian J. Blow PhD, LMFT works as a couple and family therapy intervention researcher and educator at Michigan State University where he is professor and department chair
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Publication Date: September 15th, 2022
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