The Self and Its Defenses: From Psychodynamics to Cognitive Science (Hardcover)

The Self and Its Defenses: From Psychodynamics to Cognitive Science By Massimo Marraffa, Michele Di Francesco, Alfredo Paternoster Cover Image

The Self and Its Defenses: From Psychodynamics to Cognitive Science (Hardcover)


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Introduction: Setting the Stage pp. i-v]

1. The Unconscious Mind pp. 1-29]

1.1 The mind and cognitive science

1.1.1 The computational-representational mind

1.1.2 The dissociation between mind and consciousness

1.1.3 Levels of explanation

1.2 The dynamic unconscious

1.3 The unconscious in cognitive science: A critical discussion

1.3.1 Searle against the cognitive unconscious

1.3.2. Personal and subpersonal in dialectical relationship

1.4. The dynamic unconscious in a cognitive-evolutionary framework

2. Making the Self, I: Bodily Self-Consciousness pp. 30-54]

2.1 The disappearance of the self

2.1.1 The exclusion thesis

2.1.2 Selfless minds?

2.1.3 Analytic Kantianism

2.2 The bottom-up reconstruction of the self

2.3 The case against pre-reflective self-consciousness

2.4 The self as a process

3. Making the Self, II: Psychological Self-Consciousness pp. 55-85]

3.1 The nature of introspection

3.1.1 Being able to say why

3.1.2 Self/other parity or inner sense?

3.1.3 Self-interpretation plus sensory access

3.1.4 Remnants of introspections

3.2 The construction of the virtual inner space of the mind

3.2.1 Mindreading and attachment

3.2.2 The construction of introspection in the attachment environment

3.3 The emergence of a continuous self through time

3.3.1 Dissociation of the Jamesian selves

3.3.2 The thread of life

4. The Self as a Center of Causal Gravity pp. 86-104]

4.1 A Baconian approach to defense mechanisms

4.2 Construction and defence of subjective identity

4.3 Culture as a system of techniques of defense

4.4 A robust theory of the self

Epilogue pp. 105-108]




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