Golden Child: Meditation for Children and Your Inner Child (Book #1) (Paperback)

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This refreshing new series teaches the energetic mechanics of owning your space and shares meditations and activities for embodiment. Part meditation guidebook, part journal, part coloring book, all contributing to health and happiness for your child and your inner child.

"Here is my grounding cord. Today my grounding cord is orange. I attach it to the base of my spine. It travels deep into the earth."

This book is a must have for Parents, Caregivers, Elementary School Teachers and Social Workers.

From grounding, to your bubble, to gold suns and giving to yourself, the sweet illustrations and simple story present fun and easy meditations for all ages that bring a smile to your heart.


If you close your eyes, and imagine a gold sun, can you see it? Now, open your eyes. Can you still see the gold sun in your imagination? You are using your inner sight. This book asks you to see with your inner eyes. Golden Child is a story and a series of meditations and activities. While you read and play with the ideas, use your inner sight. Your inner sight will show you images unique to you.

Enjoy Golden Child on your own or read with a wee-wonder-child.

And bring your crayons for coloring "


Each of us has an energy body and a physical body.

As newborns, we come into this world with a deep awareness of our energetic self. At birth, with a dreamy look in our eyes, we reflect two worlds, the energetic and the physical. As we embrace our new world, we dance effortlessly between the two, slowly embodying ourselves in the physical.

At times we are asked to choose; to choose to focus all our attention on the physical or to embody our profound awareness.

Our physical world can demand our attention. Yet our intuitive self needs love and care too. When we give ourselves permission to sit quietly and focus our attention within, we allow more room for who we truly are. We engage our intuitive imagination in the creation of our lives. Our physical world becomes a playground instead of a challenge to overcome.

The tools in Golden Child teach us that we can find and lose ourselves everyday, at times moments apart. And there is always a way back.

I use these tools to focus my attention, feel at ease within myself, make decisions and celebrate the simplicity of who I am. Children use these tools to release others' energy after school, do their math, notice what is true in a conversation, and go to sleep easily.

This book was born out of my online children's classes, Am I Intuitive and Inner Alchemy. I wanted the students to have a physical reminder of their tools.

It is my wish that, as families we each embody our energetic selves. This can lead to a refreshed sense of sacred within our home. One generation of families listening within and healing themselves changes our world.

Would you like to learn more embodiment meditation tools? Look for the next Golden Child Book which teaches the tools home base, my space rose and I've got the room.

Author Michelle Renee Pelletier is the founding director of the Center for Psychic Healing on Cape Cod. She has taught Meditation since 2000 in her private practice in California and Cape Cod. She teaches adults and children how to appreciate and care for themselves as spirit embodied. For more information on her classes, programs, retreats and sessions, see Center for Psychic Healing.

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ISBN: 9780999771303
ISBN-10: 0999771302
Publisher: Center for Psychic Healing
Publication Date: February 4th, 2018
Pages: 38
Language: English
Series: Book

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