Amazonia 1907: Outside the Circle of Civilization (Hardcover)

Amazonia 1907: Outside the Circle of Civilization By Lee English Williams, Don Roberts (Editor) Cover Image

Amazonia 1907: Outside the Circle of Civilization (Hardcover)


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The true story of two young men with one ambition: "to descend the Amazon from its beginning." It was a feat that no one before them had claimed.

After six years of prospecting for gold in South Africa, 31-year-old Lee Williams sails to South America in pursuit of adventure. A long horseback trek across the highlands of Argentina brings him to La Paz, Bolivia, where he meets James Orton, an Englishman and, like himself, "an experienced victim of the wanderlust."

Their expedition begins without fanfare high in the mountains of southern Per . Day after day, as they follow the Urubamba River into the depths of endless rain forest, the trappings of civilization vanish behind them. Along that river, they will dine with plantation owners and, weeks later, beg an Indian woman for a bite of food. They will build a raft and drift peacefully one day, then cling to it for life the next. They will encounter the savagery of rubber barons and slave traders, but also the humanity of the people they call "savages."

As they near their journey's end, they will imagine the acclaim that awaits them. But their story will take a tragic turn and have a far different ending.
Product Details ISBN: 9780965881111
ISBN-10: 0965881113
Publisher: Fair Oaks Press
Publication Date: November 5th, 2019
Pages: 192
Language: English