Field Guide to Coastal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States (Paperback)

Field Guide to Coastal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States By Ralph W. Tiner, Abigail Rorer (Illustrator) Cover Image

Field Guide to Coastal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States (Paperback)

By Ralph W. Tiner, Abigail Rorer (Illustrator)


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Coastal wetlands are among our most important fish and wildlife habitats. For example, over two-thirds of our recreationally and commercially important marine fishes depend on coastal marshes and associated waters for nursery and spawning grounds.

This book is arranged in four major sections: (1) Coastal Wetland Ecology: A General Overview, (2) Identification of Coastal Wetland Plants, (3) Wetland Plant Descriptions and Illustrations, and (4) Places to Observe Coastal Wetlands, and (5) Sources of Other Information. In addition , a list of references used in preparing this book and a glossary of technical terms are provided.
Ralph W. Tiner is a nationally recognized wetland ecologist with more than 40 years of experience mapping tidal marshes an other wetlands. He has directed the federal government's National Wetlands Inventory in 13 states for over 35 years and , as an adjunct professor has taught courses in wetland plant identification / ecology and wetland delineation/classification at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is currently treasurer for the U.S. National Ramsar Committee and also serves as the editor of Wetland Science and Practice (a journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists). To date, he has written over two hundred d publications including two field guides published by the University of Massachusetts Press.
Product Details ISBN: 9780870235382
ISBN-10: 0870235389
Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press
Publication Date: March 5th, 1987
Pages: 296
Language: English
"An excellent and welcome addition to the library of anyone dealing with coastal wetlands plants from Maine through Maryland; it is also applicable in the general region from Canada to Northern Florida."—Rhodora

"A delight to read and a pleasure to use. . . . Whether you are a botanist, a wetland ecologist, or someone with an interest in wetland plants, this useful and attractive book should be on your bookshelf."—Science Books and Films

"A useful reference for nontechnical lay people and specialist alike."—Quarterly Review of Biology

"Tiner has assembled descriptions and line drawings of 150 vascular plants common in coastal habitats, including rocky shores, tidal flats, salt marshes, brackish marshes, tidal fresh marshes, tidal swamps, and coastal aquatic beds. An additional 130 species are referred to briefly. . . . The book is very suitable for its intended audience of 'nontechnical' persons interested in coastal habitats such as conservation commissioners, environmental consultants, and students in botany, ecology, and environmental science. Inclusion of maps and descriptions of places with good public access to observe coastal wetlands is very valuable."—Choice

"The only text of its kind. . . . Recommended for all coastal enthusiasts and will be an excellent guide for visits to any coastal site in the area of coverage."—Wildlife Review