Selling to Builders, Second edition (Paperback)

Selling to Builders, Second edition By Steve Monroe Cover Image

Selling to Builders, Second edition (Paperback)


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Building suppliers, manufacturers, trade contractors, real estate brokers-if you sell products or services to home builders, this book will increase your success rate and business savvy. Learn the types of builders and what will get you in the door and writing orders.

Steve Monroe draws on over 30 years of sales wisdom to provide proven tools that assess where you stack up as a sales or service professional, motivate you, and polish your performance, whether you aim to serve small-volume, custom, or large production builders.

This second edition includes a companion CD with exercises that help you evaluate your current business practices and guide you to become an even more successful salesperson. The CD also has easy-to-use business forms that will bolster the amount of business you are doing with builders.

"Bull’s-eye! Selling to Builders hits the target! Steve Monroe has simplified the keys to earning the builder’s business. This book is, without question, the sales “bible” every associate member at NAHB should have".

--Michael Kurpiel, Strober Building Supply, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"I can’t image a better resource for training new sales people in the millwork industry".
--L.Thomas Bychinski, Peachtree Companies Inc./Weather Shield Windows and Doors

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Steve Monroe has over 30 years experience in the building supplies and contract sales industry. He is the founder of SME and Associates, a consulting and marketing firm in Jamestown, NC and is also the editor and publisher of The Monroe Doctrine, a newsletter for professionals in sales and management. Steve has been named Associate of the Year three times by local home builders associations.
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ISBN-10: 0867186313
Publisher: BuilderBooks
Publication Date: January 1st, 2007
Pages: 136
Language: English