Shark: Portraits (Hardcover)

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Shark: Portraits (Hardcover)


The beauty of the apex predator captured up close and unflinchingly.

A global shift from fright to endearment is happening, and the world is falling in love with sharks as risk of their endangerment increases.
Mike Coots, who was nearly killed by a tiger shark as a teenager and has since dedicated his life to capturing and sharing sharks’ beauty and indispensable role in a healthy ocean, gets up close and very personal with the magnificent creatures, presenting his unique perspective through portraits exposing both their brawn and their brains. Traveling the world (Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, Bahamas, and Maldives), free diving and scuba diving, often with no cage, Coots has recorded Tigers, Great Hammerheads, rare Oceanic White Tips, Lemons, Silvertips, Caribbean Reef Sharks, and massive Great Whites, as big as fourteen feet in length.

Big, bold, and beautiful, extraordinary portraits of some of the ocean’s largest sharks present a fresh photographic narrative of what it’s like being apex. Coots anthropomorphizes the giant fish, with amazingly detailed and unexpectedly intimate images, filled with the stunning character of each species revealed marvelously.
Photographer Mike Coots lost his leg to a tiger shark and has since become one of the staunchest advocates of sharks, dedicating his life to protecting the animal that nearly killed him. From lobbying Congress, to sharing compelling stories on social media, he’s optimistic that the world can shift the negative stigma of sharks. Coots has been featured on CBS, NBC, CNN, MSN, PBS, Discovery, Time magazine, Yahoo!, Google, the Washington Post, National Geographic, BBC, AOL, the New York Post, Adventure Journal, Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian magazine, Outside magazine, TMZ, Vice, BuzzFeed, and the Daily Mail. He has written for CNN and the Huffington Post and spoken to the United Nations. He created a petition about the importance of protecting sharks in the North Western Hawaiian Islands; resulting in the largest protected area on Earth when signed into law in 2016.
Product Details ISBN: 9780847873548
ISBN-10: 0847873544
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Pages: 240
Language: English