How Fast Can A Falcon Dive?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Birds of Prey (Animals Q & A) (Paperback)

How Fast Can A Falcon Dive?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Birds of Prey (Animals Q & A) By Professor Peter Capainolo, Carol A. Butler Cover Image

How Fast Can A Falcon Dive?: Fascinating Answers to Questions about Birds of Prey (Animals Q & A) (Paperback)


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How Fast Can a Falcon Dive? explores the world of raptors in a way that will appeal to bird lovers and biology enthusiasts alike. This colorful volume is complete with more than fifty-five color and black and white images from photographers and artists around the world. In a reader friendly question and answer format, ornithologist Peter Capainolo and science writer Carol A. Butler define and classify raptors, explore the physical attributes of birds of prey, view how their bodies work, and explain the social and physical behaviors of these species-how they communicate, hunt, reproduce, and more. Capainolo, who received one of the first falconry licenses issued in New York state at age eighteen, relates his personal experience in falconry to describe raptor training and husbandry where the human-bird interactions are complex.

From stories of red-tailed hawks making their homes on the ledges of Manhattan skyscrapers to their role in protecting California's vineyards from flocks of grape-loving starlings, How Fast Can a Falcon Dive? explores how these avian predators interact with people and with their environment.
Peter Capainolo is senior scientific assistant in the department of ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History, an adjunct faculty member at the City University of New York, research associate and board member at the Long Island Natural History Museum, and serves on the New York State Falconry Advisory Board. Carol A. Butler is the coauthor of Salt Marshes: A Natural and Unnatural History, and books within the Rutgers Animal Q&A series including Do Butterflies Bite?, Do Bats Drink Blood?, Do Hummingbirds Hum?, and Why Do Bees Buzz? (all Rutgers University Press).
Product Details ISBN: 9780813547909
ISBN-10: 0813547903
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2010
Pages: 248
Language: English
Series: Animals Q & A
"Want to know everything about birds of prey—our amazing raptors? Then Capainolo and Butler's compact book, How Fast Can a Falcoln Dive?, is the place to start!"
— Joel Cracraft

"Birds of prey are endlessly fascinating. They fill us with wonder—and questions. Fortunately, this book has the answers, presented in an engaging style. A 'must-read'
for anyone who admires raptors."
— Tim Gallagher

"This work will appeal to lay readers and raptor fanatics (there are many!). As a
budding bird-watcher in high school, this reviewer would have devoured this book. Highly
— Choice

"This reader-friendly and interesting book contains a wealth of information about birds of prey."
— Wildlife Activist

"Almost anything a student might wish to know about raptors can be found in this well-organized, detailed, and thoroughly documented book."

— NSTA Recommends