The Healing Energies of Trees (Paperback)

The Healing Energies of Trees By Patrice Bouchardon Cover Image

The Healing Energies of Trees (Paperback)


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Exploring the powerful role of trees in healing the body and calming the mind.

Trees are a vital part of human existence; they provide us with oxygen, stabalise the soil beneath us and give life to much of the world's wildlife. As the longest-living species on earth, they are a symbol power, wisdom and fertility, and are a link between our past,present and future.

In this beautiful and personal guide, author Patrice Bouchardon takes an in-depth look at the history of trees, and then shares his knowledge about their healing benefits - for the mind, body and spirit.

Through the use of meditative exercises, tree oils and energies found in specific species,this book will be your guide to connecting with the healing power of trees.

Chapter 1: What nature means to us
Chapter 2: The healing process
Chapter 3: Expanding our perception of trees
Chapter 4: The healing trees
Chapter 5: Healing with tree energies
For more than 25 years,Patrice Bouchardon has been leading seminars on different topics, all related to the enhancement of human potential when in connection with nature's energy. He specialises in the production of tree oils and elixirs, used for physical healing and general well-being.
Product Details ISBN: 9780753733769
ISBN-10: 0753733765
Publisher: Pyramid
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2019
Pages: 160