La ciencia de la nutrición (The Science of Nutrition): Conoce los falsos mitos de las dietas y aprende a comer bien para tener una vida (Hardcover)

La ciencia de la nutrición (The Science of Nutrition): Conoce los falsos mitos de las dietas y aprende a comer bien para tener una vida By Rhiannon Lambert Cover Image

La ciencia de la nutrición (The Science of Nutrition): Conoce los falsos mitos de las dietas y aprende a comer bien para tener una vida (Hardcover)


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¿Cómo afecta la comida a mi estado de ánimo? ¿Debería ser vegano? ¿Tendría que comer pocos carbohidratos? ¿Qué tan increíbles son los superalimentos?

Hoy en día nos llega mucha información, a menudo contradictoria, sobre cómo debe ser nuestra alimentación para tener una vida sana y una dieta equilibrada. La ciencia de la nutrición desmonta falsos mitos y te ofrece respuestas claras para ayudarte a comer de forma saludable y con confianza.

- Respuesta a todo tipo de dudas nutricionales
- Lleno de fotografías y esquemas que te ayudarán a entender mejor cada explicación
- Páginas con un formato pregunta/respuesta para que accedas de manera rápida a la información que buscas
- Técnicas y estrategias nutricionales basadas en las últimas investigaciones científicas de expertos de todo el mundo

Este es un libro de referencia ideal tanto si eres un profesional de la salud, si quieres conocer datos reales sobre nutrición o si buscas una dieta saludable para ti y tu familia. ¡Descubre toda la verdad sobre nuestra alimentación! 
Is a vegan diet healthier? Should I try going low-carb? Is it always a bad idea to skip a meal? Are superfoods all they're cracked up to be? Is fat still bad for you? Can I eat to improve my chances of conceiving?

This book cuts through the noise of conflicting diet advice with clear answers backed up by the very latest research.

Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition, this ground-breaking book has the answers to all your food-related questions, covering every conceivable topic—from gut bacteria to weight management, to heart health and immune support, to vegan diets and intermittent fasting, and everything in between.

With an accessible Q&A approach and informative graphics, this nutrition book will debunk popular food myths and diets, redefine nutrition in the modern world, and enable you to make informed decisions that are best suited to you, about what, when, and how to eat.

The book's easily digestible and evidence-based advice empowers you to explore the benefits and importance of nutrition, alongside the downright misleading when it comes to the world of food and diet, and to equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to assess and enhance your approach to nutrition.
Rhiannon Lambert BSc MSc RNutr is one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, a best-selling author and chart-topping podcast host. In 2016 she founded Rhitrition, a renowned Harley Street clinic, which specializes in weight management, gut health, sports nutrition, eating disorders, and pre- and post-natal nutrition.

Registered with the Association for Nutrition, Rhiannon obtained a first-class degree in Nutrition and Health, a Master’s degree in Obesity, Risks and Prevention, and diplomas in sports nutrition, and pre- and post-natal nutrition. She is a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders, accredited by The British Psychological Society and a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Rhiannon hosts the top-rated ‘Food for Thought’ podcast, which gives listeners practical, evidence-based advice on how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. With more than five million downloads since 2018, it is firmly established as one of the UK’s most popular health podcasts.

Follow Rhiannon on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube at @Rhitrition and visit
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Publication Date: September 13th, 2022
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