A Sign of Allah (Anselm) (Paperback)

A Sign of Allah (Anselm) By Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Cover Image

A Sign of Allah (Anselm) (Paperback)


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An English translation of the Friday Sermon delivered by HazratMirzaTahir Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih IV(rh) on September 6th, 1985 at The Fazl Mosque, London.

When Allah began the creation of the universe with a single word, "Be," He ensured that the vast expanse would contain all the necessary ingredients for physical life. But what of the ingredients for spiritual life?

For spiritual life, Allah has given us His words in the Holy Quran, and He continually creates human embodiments of His words. HazratMirzaTahirAhmad(rh), the fourth Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, delivered a sermon at the passing of Hazrat Muhammad Zafrulla Khan(ra), a companion of the Promised Messiah(as). In this sermon, he describes the high spiritual qualities exhibited by HazratZafrulla Khan(ra), elucidates his rank as a word of Allah, and asks his listeners to become words of Allah themselves.

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