Foresight (Hardcover)

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Foresight (Hardcover)


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Have you ever dreamed of being a hacker?

Dive into the life of a spunky, charismatic girl next door with Sam (Samantha), she is an only child of a broken family and has a truly devoted father who has raised her from a very young age. She is smart, kind, pretty and has that spark that you just can't pin down. To anyone who meets her, she is just a good-hearted teenager who just wants to finish school and go to college. She does well at school, has a couple of close friends and is far from what you would call the popular girls. She truly fits the average girl next door stereotype.

If you are looking at the fake life she lets the world see you would be right in thinking that was the case. However, she has a secret life. She has spent years living two lives, one as Sam for the world to see and one as Foresight, to Sam this is her true life where she is a truly gifted hacker. She has never found a system she could not bend to her will if she put her mind to it. She is the essence of a true hacker, a true magician of sorts in these dark recesses of the web not many dares to enter.

Foresight and Sam never mix. This is something that Sam goes to extreme lengths to ensure. These two very different lives however may be veering towards an unstoppable collision course. She has recently become more daring in here attacks and feels like someone is watching her. She has caught a glimpse of a black SUV at school, walking home but doesn't know if she is just getting paranoid or if the threat is real.

Jump on board this twisting journey, take a swim through the deep dark corners of the hacker world and find out what this girl is made of. Does she have what it takes to survive or is she in above her head? I guess time will tell but one thing we can be certain of is that the journey is going to be challenging, possibly revealing her true gift, more powerful than she had ever imagined. Her gift is more than just intuition, there is much more to it than that.

Foresight is book one of the hacker fantasy series. Book two will follow in 2021-22. Buy the book you will love it then leave a review so that everyone else that is considering the book, know they will love it as well.

Product Details ISBN: 9780648693987
ISBN-10: 0648693988
Publisher: Craig Ford
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 210
Language: English